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Vocal freedom. Always starts with technique.

What do Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross and over 120 Grammy winners have in common? They all use the Seth Riggs method of Speech Level Singing (SLS). SLS enables you to sing freely and clearly through your entire vocal range without yelling, flipping to falsetto. SLS can be applied to any genre of music. SLS is also used as vocal therapy for singers who have vocal diseases or damage from years of vocal abuse.

It all begins with connection.

Identifying these vocal "breaks" and bridging them with a "mix is the solution to singing in the same manner and ease as speaking! Singing in the mix enables you to sing from your lowest notes (chest voice) to your highest notes (head voice) without having to push, yell, strain or flip to falsetto. Instead sing with a single connected voice. Best of all, this is the key behind healthy vocal technique no matter what you sing!

Getting Results?

Learn the art of singing freely and clearly through your entire vocal range without yelling or flipping to falsetto. Many teachers and singers talk about the need to “breathe more”, “sing from the diaphragm” or “place” the voice. While this may sound professional, these solutions do not dive into the root cause of the singers’ problems — the vocal bridges (the areas of transition in the voice that singers typically experience a break).

Daniel is a highly sought after vocal coach in Asia. He teaches from his vocal studio as well as over Skype and phone. He is often called upon to assist singers with their concerts, studio recordings and live performances. 

Daniel works with ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) doctors to assist with voice rehabilitation & therapy for singers who have experienced vocal strain, fatigue and physical vocal damage from incorrect vocal technique and the demands of performing night after night. 

His clients encompass singers from a variety of genres and languages and he has also coached Taiwan’s Van Ness Wu (吳建豪) and Huang Yee-Ling (黃乙玲) among many other Taiwan and Asian artistes.

Discover the secret to singing from the vocal coach that many turn to for results!

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From studio to online to masterclasses.

I struggled with certain areas in my voice and pushed my chest voice to sing the high notes. Stuck and not knowing what to do I started training with Daniel Singh. 

We work regularly and achieve nothing but countless breakthroughs.

Jarrell Huang

SPOP Sing! 2018 Winner

Dive into lessons in-person at the studio or online via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or WeChat! Choose between 30 minute or 60 minute sessions. 

Whether you are a beginner desiring to learn singing, or a singer preparing for a show or recording, or in need of vocal therapy or even voice lessons for public speaking — we tailor the lessons for you. Need group lessons or a masterclass for your church group or choirs? That’s possible too.

Start your journey today.

“In my first lesson there was a difference in the first 10 minutes. I honestly don’t know where I would be without Daniel’s magic”.

Sam Driscoll

“If my singing gets good. This guy is to blame”.

William WeiBird 韋禮安

“Daniel changed my life”.

Sara Wee (53A)

“Daniel has helped my voice to evolve with my musicality so that I can always communicate what I want to in song”.

Miss Lou



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